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The Invictus Games was the pilot. The European Games refined it. The Islamic Games embraced it. The FIH wholeheartedly adopted it. World Athletics implemented it. The Netball World Cup loved it. In 2019 it proved its value at the Pan Am Games.

In 2022, for the first time, the I-Zone was used at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022. And even the Minister of Sport was singing its praises!

PI to Paris 2024

The Summer Olympic Games is taking place in under 100 days.
And we are once again at the heart of it.

Jayne is working in the central team as Press Chief

And we are working with Spartner as part of the Event Delivery Entity for the hockey.


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Pearce International is a sports media consultancy that specialises in media operations – we make sure that journalists and photographers have what they need to do their job. With an enviable track record in some of the largest sports events since 2001, Pearce International ensures that this critical client group is happy and the coverage of the event is the best it can be.

Pearce International Directors Jayne Pearce & Andrew McMenamin

Learn more about Directors Jayne Pearce & Andrew McMenamin, and the PI Team.

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Pearce International has worked on the biggest sports events in the world so we were delighted to have them on board for the Vitaltiy Netball World Cup 2019. Despite the event being on a much smaller scale to some events and having limited resources available, working with Pearce International meant we were still able to provide a world-class service to media attending the event and bring industry best practice to our media operation.

In the planning, Jayne’s expertise was invaluable in developing an operating plan that provided media from all over the world with the best conditions to work, meaning they had the information, access and service they needed to showcase our sport in a positive light.

Jayne’s experience meant problems could be pre-empted and prevented and her flexibility and calm demeanour on the ground meant any issues were quickly resolved.

It was a pleasure to work with Jayne and the team at Pearce International and we couldn’t have asked for anyone better qualified for the role. The fact that volunteers will return time and again to dedicate their time to working alongside Pearce International at events such as ours is testament to the rewarding environment Jayne creates and is of real benefit.

Anna Flanders, Head of Marketing and Communications - Vitality Netball World Cup 2019
We couldn’t have asked for a more organized media process at the Netball World Cup. From Jayne’s thorough briefing sessions on the day prior through to her assistance with the final match press conferences, we felt informed and comfortable with the processes in play. Jayne’s team were relaxed, organized and competent in what were sometimes very hectic situations – it would be great to again one day cross paths with Jayne and her team at another world event.
Jenna Handreck, Media and Communications Manager - Netball Australia
The Directors of Pearce International, Andrew and Jayne are two of the most media savvy and professional people I have had the pleasure to work with. In my area of Athletes’ Villages the opportunities for not getting your communication strategies right are endless. Prior to an event the Village is often the only source of news worthy copy. Having those around with the professionalism of Pearce International, as was the case with Andrew at Glasgow 2014, provides all the village people with huge confidence and the freedom to get on providing services at a high level for the athletes.
Tony Sainsbury, OBE, Head of Villages & General Manager. London 2012 & Glasgow 2014
Thanks to Andrew, the media office at the Commonwealth Games, Glasgow 2014 was a pleasure to be a part of. He inspired and led his team to provide a first class service to both the world’s press and athletes. Always cheerful, despite long hours and some tricky situations, Andrew’s operation was exactly the right mix of efficiency and fun. He delivered a truly memorable games experience to the many volunteers and staff he managed and would be a great asset to any team fortunate enough to work with him in the future.
Christine Megson, Director, Meganewswest Ltd
I wanted to give you my heartfelt thanks for all your negotiations, interventions, sorting out, good humour, positive attitude and general fantastic work you did on the behalf of the media and photographers at WEG. You also deserve massive, massive credit for sorting the photographers’ pens for the driving cross country. They were fantastic and I didn’t hear a single grumble the whole day about where we were or where we could go and everybody will have got exactly the shots they wanted and that is all thanks to you!
Bob Langrish, Equestrian Photographer
When I had to recruit Media Officers for the 2013 FIFA Confederation Cup I immediately thought of Jayne Pearce. We had worked together on FIFA World Cups since 1998 and I had always been satisfied with her collaboration. She is a perfect professional: her vision of events is always right and her management is both rigorous and comprehensive. Her relationships with her colleagues and her team spirit benefit the entire project.

For the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 I again asked Jayne to be the Media Officer in Manaus; a project that saw her in charge of all operations and managing dozens of volunteers and hundreds of journalists. Once again her commitment was huge and allowed the venue to deliver the event with exceptional quality for the media representatives. Humanly and professionally, Jayne Pearce is a must-have for a sports organisation.

Alain Leiblang, Head of Media Operations - FIFA - 2003-2014
I have been in the business of major event planning and delivery for over thirty years. In my work which has included senior executive roles with multiple Olympic Games, World Cup, World Championships and Continental Games I have had the privilege of working with many of the best event professionals in the world. Jayne Pearce sits at the top of any such list.

Jayne’s knowledge of media operations is unparalleled. When combined with the respect she has from world wide media she has proven to be an invaluable asset to organizing committees as well as the event “owners”. She is exceptional at developing and advocating for the right solutions, within the constraints of budget, time and competing interests within the major event environment. Jayne understands the challenges of the organizers and the real needs of the media as a client group. She is exceptional at finding the balance point between the two.

As a senior executive in major events I face a constant flow of issues for difficult resource decisions. My trust and respect for Jayne Pearce is such that I know if Jayne is advocating for something, it is invariably something we must do. I know she will have done the homework. She will have worked with the client group, her organizing committee colleagues and resource providers. She will already have explored and analyzed the options and she will have arrived at the best solution. In her calm and pleasant style Jayne is no nonsense, high value and simply the best at her craft.

Doug Arnot, Chairman, Broadstone Group
Jayne’s understanding of the international broadcast media – and in particular the agencies – has been of great benefit to SNTV in 2015. Jayne was instrumental in setting-up the izones in competition venues at the European Games in Baku, helping SNTV generate sports-focused content and athlete reaction for our broadcast and digital clients around the world. Jayne also coordinated agency access to the mixed zones at the Rugby World Cup, where once again SNTV saw great client pick-up.
Owain Davey, Senior Planning Producer – SNTV
During the Rugby World Cup 2015 – one of the largest sports tournaments in the world – I found Jayne to be a calming voice of authority on behalf of the organisers, in what was a frenetic period. Professional, accessible, helpful, and always friendly, when I needed clarity on a subject – in order to plan our logistics and coverage – Jayne always provided that clarity.
Kieran Fox, Senior Producer, Sport
This was the first time I had the pleasure of working with Jayne and Pearce International. Jayne has incredible knowledge, experience and expertise, most importantly she understood our needs and did everything in her power to ensure they were met. Thanks to her determination and the relationships she has built up over the years Jayne managed to get the mix zone opened up for non rights holders for the first time at a RWC, this was crucial in shaping the editorial coverage of our channel.
Gail Davis, Reporter, Sky Sports News HQ
Pearce International played a key role in the design and delivery of the press and photo operations for Rugby World Cup 2015. Jayne Pearce worked with us as a consultant both at the start of the project when the media operations plan was being developed, and during the tournament where she managed the non-rights holder media access on our behalf.

Jayne was super professional to work with, and we benefitted from her experience and knowledge in all areas of media operations.

Joanna Manning-Cooper, Director of Marketing and Communications, England Rugby 2015
My colleagues and I were very impressed with Jayne and Pearce International who were responsible for the press media centre at the women’s European Championship staged at the Lee Valley Stadium in the Olympic Park in August 2015.

Jayne was charged with making sure the British and European press received top class service and updates in regards to this prestigious event in the sporting calendar, all the more important as it was the first major tournament to be held at the Olympic Park legacy home of England Hockey.

The media centre was run immaculately, early teething problems overcome with the minimum of fuss and problems. Jayne particularly dealt with the needs of individuals from all the various organisations involved in covering such an event and went about her business in discreet and diplomatic fashion. She also brought together a team that responded to her completely. These are absolutely essential assets when dealing with all that a press corps demands. We were very grateful indeed to have received such service.

Thanks again.

Graham Wilson, Chairman, Daily Express Sports desk and Hockey Writers’ Club
England Hockey contracted Jayne and Pearce International colleagues to plan and manage our Media Services operation at the Unibet EuroHockey Championships in 2015.

The professional service, expertise and added value to our event in this key area resulted in high levels of satisfaction ratings from members of the media. Additionally, we benefited from a real step change in the engagement of athletes with members of the media through the I-Zone concept which was also really well received by our National Associations and Federations. Jayne provided a great proactive service throughout and was a pleasure to work with.

Sue Catton, Head of Events, England Hockey
Andrew was transferred into our venue team for the Paralympics. I remember telling him on day one that he had big shoes to fill…

After a week of working with Andrew I was extremely impressed with his genuine energy, enthusiasm, and dedication to the new team and the new challenge. His charismatic personality and ability to relate and communicate with press, volunteers, athletes, and paid staff is a true talent. He is the type of guy you want on your team because Andrew gets things done. Andrew went above and beyond to fill those shoes! I hope to have the opportunity to work with him again and he has my highest recommendation.

Stephanie Garbaczewski, Senior Event Manager at SHWorldwide, LLC
At the time of the London 2012, Paralympics Andrew was the venue photo manager at Greenwich Park. Greenwich Park, was the most high profile venue outside the Olympic Park, and was the centre of the media’s spotlight.

Andrew’s role as the venue photo manager saw him managing many 100’s of photographers, and he excelled on all levels. The photographers were from many different cultures and Andrew not only managed their expectations, but also made their time and Greenwich Park very memorable.

Andrew’s people’s skills are excellent and this was shown many times, not only managing a very large groups of photographers but also managing his own staff. Andrew is an extremely experienced photo manager and has a very calming manner under pressure. He is very good team player and works well under all manner of conditions. Andrew is not afraid of hard work and this was demonstrated at many time during the Paralympics at Greenwich Park.

It was a pleasure to have Andrew in my team, and I would have no hesitations in recommending Andrew for any positions in the future.

Jeremy D. Edwards, Venue General Manager – Greenwich Park
Andy was a really valuable member of the company at Hadleigh a true gent, a great character, superb diplomat and a star of the senior team.
Tony Kavanagh, Head of Training Ground Operations at Tottenham Hotspur
I was fortunate to work with Jayne throughout my time at LOCOG. As head of Press Operations she played a major role in both the operational planning and delivery of the 2012 Games. She represented the needs of her clients extremely well but unlike many others she was always willing to consider compromises and doing things differently if it was necessary for the greater good. She brought maturity, common sense and humour to the team and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her. She has vast experience of the sports media world and is extremely generous in terms of sharing that experience with others. I benefited hugely from her tutelage and I will always be grateful for the support she gave to myself and the venue management team. Jayne put together a very strong team to deliver the Press Operations at Games time and the quality of people she was able to attract was, I am sure, a reflection of the respect she enjoys in the industry. She is organised, structured and consistent in her approach and perhaps just as importantly, she is great fun to work with.
Jon Sellins, Vice President International Operations at Tough Mudder
When you know what Olympic Games involve, on all levels, then you can imagine what the duties of a Head of are: the organisation of your own department, interaction with other functional areas, staffing and so on. Jayne Pearce was Head of Press Operations at the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, and it is difficult to find the right words to do justice to her great work. She covered her functional area with perfect knowledge, without forgetting the human touch which you sometimes miss at big events. Jayne’s door was always open, and she did not only listen to the minor and major issues in her squad, but promised solutions and delivered them, too. As a true leader, she inspired and motivated, she was a real shining example… and she shared anecdotes, which you should hear the next time you speak to her. I loved every day with Jayne Pearce in London, and learned a lot.
Egon Theiner, Communications and Operations Specialist in Sports
I worked with Jayne in the build-up to London 2012 and she was never less than excellent. She deeply understands the needs of the media but, better than that, Jayne was able to deliver services on that understanding with an attention to detail I wish I possessed. Jayne was very professional but with an easy manner and endless patience which meant she was always great to deal with. She can have no better testimony than the fact I never heard any of my colleagues in other media organisations say a bad word about her. And we were a picky bunch.
Scott Dougal, Head of Communications at British Cycling
First time I have been working with Jayne was at the Olympics 1996 in Atlanta. Now – 16 years later at the London Games I can reconfirm the working experience with Jayne from last years. She is by far the best person in the world to run press operations at highest level and at the biggest sporting events globally. Her way to serve the client group on one side and her way to motivate her staff to deliver best quality to media is unique. She pays great attention to details, where others don’t even think about it. Her language skills are impressing everyone working with her.
Jochen Faerber, Head of Olympic Channel Services Switzerland
Jayne Pearce is probably the most reliable, and best organized person I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and experience in the field of press operations is impressive and I hope I will have the chance to work with her again in the near future.
Eva Werthmann, IPC Media Operations Senior Manager
I have worked with Jayne on previous occasions over several years and it was a pleasure to be able to work alongside her at London 2012. Her knowledge and experience are second to none; her attention to detail and ability to get the best out of her teams is excellent. She managed a great team of people, but her management skills were largely what made them a great team.
Chris Cohen CBE, Athletics Paralympics Manager at London 2012
Jayne is one of the most able and professional press chiefs I have had the good fortune to work with. She has an excellent reputation working at major sporting events worldwide and her expertise and experience are second to none. Jayne is good at managing people and dealing with issues and ‘crises’ and her people skills are first rate. I have no hesitation in recommending her.
Dave Gordon, Sports Broadcasting Consultant
Jayne is a first class professional who combines excellent strategic planning with an eye for detail that delivers on the ground success for every project she works on. I have worked with Jayne on a number of media projects, where organisations we have worked for have been closely involved. Her collaborative and hard working ethic, combined with her professional knowledge, have made the process and the end result first class. I thoroughly recommend Jayne as a top class operator.
Mark Howell, Managing Partner at Howell Media and Management Services
Working with Jayne – undoubtedly one of the best press operations professionals around – in the run up to and during the London 2012 Olympic Games was a true privilege. Her knowledge is exceptional and her attention to detail second to none. She is a team leader and player who inspires everyone around her. She delivers with a smile, addresses all issues and concerns head on and stays calm and level headed under huge pressure. Throughout she never loses sight of the end goal. Anyone lucky enough to work with her will enjoy learning from her.
Miriam Wilkens, Director of Communications at British Olympic Association
Jayne is an outstanding organizer and press operations manager. I’ve worked with her under the most challenging of circumstances during several Olympic Games and she has always been successful. Put quite simply, nobody does it better.
Gary Kemper, Photojournalist; Event Manager, Press Operations
Jayne is the world’s leading expert of Press Operations at the Olympic Games and advising candidate and bid cities as to their Press Operations Planning and Activation. There is no better expert in this field – exceptionally qualified, proven expertise, and calm and cool under pressure to get the job done on time and budget.
Ian Hamilton, Owner & General Manager at The Hind Hotel
Jayne and I worked together at UK Athletics in the late 1990s and her experience, talent and support were absolutely invaluable. In addition to the standard NGB activities there were two significant and potentially very damaging crises that Jayne led the management of. The handling of both of those incidents showed the brilliance of Jayne and were I ever in a similar situation Jayne and Pearce International would be the first name on my list to call.
David Moorcroft, CEO UK Athletics from 1997 to 2007
Effective working relationships with sports governing bodies and event managers are at the core of our business. Pearce International’s vast experience and expertise has helped us foster these relationships resulting in world class photographic coverage of the events at which they have provided us with media services.
Ken Mainardis, Director of Photography, Major Events, Getty Images
Pearce International fully designed and implemented the Media Operations program of the 2003 Athletics World Championships held in France.

Their professionalism, sense of detail and service to all the populations, and ability to serve demanding stakeholders coming from various backgrounds made them a valuable part of the team. Jayne Pearce is unanimously appreciated by all those who have had the chance to collaborate with her on various projects.

Martine Nemecek, Director of Operations, IAAF World Championships in Athletics, Paris 2003
I wouldn’t ever believe in setting forward to running an event without using Pearce International. The expertise, competency and manner in which the media service is delivered by this organisation is one of great professionalism and due diligence.
Brian Stocks, Head of Sport and International Events
As a sports journalist I need to know that I can gain access to accurate information quickly and services that are reliable. I have been assisted at international and domestic sports events by Jayne, and now Pearce International, for twenty years and always feel confident that I will receive a thoroughly professional service when I know she is involved. The press is assured of having someone who understands what is needed and does their utmost to deliver it.
David Powell, Athletics Correspondent, The Times
BBC Sport have worked with Jayne, and latterly Pearce International, over a number of events from Olympic Games and major Athletic Championships to Marathons and Road Races.

Her breadth of experience is extensive and Jayne is used to working with local organising committees, broadcasters and other media. Jayne therefore understands the issues of organising both large and small events and deals with all parties to ensure that they work together efficiency and in harmony. Because of her collaborative approach it has been refreshing for TV, Press and Photographers to work together with terrific results. It is always reassuring to see Jayne involved in our events.

Martin Webster, Executive Producer, BBC Sport
I have had the privilege to work with Jayne Pearce on three Olympic Games, two FIFA World Cups, and numerous bids for both Olympic Games and FIFA World Cups. I actively seek Pearce International’s participation in any major project in which I am involved, because Jayne is so competent, so hard-working, so reliable, and thoroughly pleasant to work with.
Bob Stiles, Senior Vice President, Helios Partners
ArupSport have consulted Pearce International for advice on the design of media facilities in sports venues for many years. As designers of international sports stadia such as the Beijing Olympic stadium and the Allianz Arena in Munich, ArupSport has required exacting advice for their designs. Pearce International has always provided this with their in-depth knowledge of media operations from overall strategies to the smallest details.
Eugene Uys, ArupSport
Working side by side with Pearce International for the 2016 Invictus Games Orlando, I witnessed an unmitigated triumph in media and world coverage. As Invictus Games was staging its second games (first in U.S.), many protocols had yet to be tested or encountered. Jayne Pearce came on site with the acute sharpness of a point guard. The Pearce International team remained nimble and handled numbers nobody would have thought possible beforehand. Jayne made real time decisions with incredible foresight and precision. The media coverage that ensued was volumes higher than expected. Together we provided highlights each day to the world media, keeping eyes all over the globe on the Invictus Games. I enjoyed working with Pearce International even in the most pressure driven situations, and the great success of the Invictus Games is a testament to the teamwork they inspire.
Patty Wolfe, ESPN Supervising Producer
Andrew worked as Photo Manager at the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games™ 2014 in Normandy (FRA). Conditions were frequently extremely challenging for the media, and particularly for the photographers, so there were considerable demands on the Photo Manager to get things working smoothly asap. Andrew rose to the challenge and worked extremely hard to ensure that the best possible conditions for photographers at the event were in place. His diplomatic skills and powers of negotiation were called upon on numerous occasions and both the working photographers and the FEI (officials and HQ staff) were extremely impressed with calm exterior, which belied a steely determination to “get the job done”. And he certainly did get the job done. We would be delighted to work with him again in our sport and would have no hesitation in recommending him to other International Federations and major event organisers.
Within the world of media operations Jayne Pearce is probably the most recognised and respected of names. With a career that started with the IAAF, she has worked on FIFA World Cups, Rugby World Cups, hundreds of other major and minor sporting events and multiple Olympic Games. As Press Chief for London 2012 Jayne led a team of 3,000 staff and specialist volunteers to flawlessly deliver facilities and services to the world’s media in what is commonly regarded as possibly the biggest and best sporting event ever held. Jayne knows everyone, and everyone knows Jayne – from the news agencies, major newspapers, International Federations and National Olympic Committees, providers and suppliers. She is the unequivocal professional, detail oriented, calm and respectful; Jayne has the respect of everyone she works with and for. If you have Jayne Pearce in your corner you are in very safe hands.
Jayne had been the best advisor and professional supporter of Tokyo 2020 Press Operations Team for many years including the most hardest year of 2021. Her big support has given us the encouragement to overcome our challenges and we made it!  
A huge thanks to Jayne!


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