Brilliant Baku for Islamic Solidarity Games 2017

Brilliant Baku for Islamic Solidarity Games 2017

Pearce International  delivered the press operations for the Islamic Solidarity Games in Baku, Azerbaijan, in what was undoubtedly the best Islamic Solidarity Games yet.

But that is not the thing we are most happy about.

What gives us the most pleasure is that it was largely Azerbaijani led and staffed – Kamran Talibov as the Head of Press Operations and Pirim Pirimov as the Press Services Manager  recruited an Azerbaijani team that delivered a great press operation in the last few weeks.

This is exactly what we were aiming for when we brought a team together to set up the press operations at the inaugural European Games in 2015. Of course, we wanted to do our best to organise a great press operation but we also selected, trained and worked side by side with Azerbaijani colleagues – some with solid experience but some who were working on an international sports event for the first time. One of our main goals was to help leave a human legacy and then have the next major event delivered by those who worked as deputies or in an assisting role in 2015.

Now we can announce: we didn’t just talk about it, we didn’t just make it a selling point … we did it.  But don’t just take our word for it, check this out:

For more about the Games themselves, and some of the innovations we introduced, have a look at this short video :

Or check out this report from AFP Services:

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