Project Description

More than 6,000 athletes competed in 20 sports across 18 competition venues with athletes representing each of the 50 European nations. More than 1,200 press and 1,000 broadcasters attended the Games and services were provided in 14 Venue Media Centres and the Media Village.
The event was exciting in many ways, not least because the remit was to be innovative in delivering this brand new event. Pearce International took this seriously and fully implemented the I-Zone– the flagship innovation – radically eradicating post event media conferences and mixed zones for the written press in favour of a more relaxed I-Zone.

A cumulative total of over 3,900 interviews took place in the I-Zones over the period of the Games. Enhanced access for non-rights holders and National Olympic Committees (NOCs) was negotiated enabling them to have access with cameras to the I-Zones on competition days as well as the Athletes’ Village which was immensely appreciated and led to much more coverage of the Games and great good will among NOCs.

A comprehensive Event News Service was provided, password free, on the event web site and was managed by the press operations team. An innovative approach to athlete biographies saw a combination of press operations staff and multi-national and multilingual volunteers work directly with NOCs to provide athlete led biographies.

A full mentoring programme was also put in place whereby senior management professionals in a venue (Venue Media Manager and Venue Photo Supervisor) had an Azerbaijani Deputy who was trained and mentored with overwhelmingly successful results. A total of 53 young Azerbaijani professionals and 135 volunteers benefitted from the 70 international staff. Also benefitting were 12 Association Internationale de la Presse Sportive (AIPS) Young Reporters who were welcomed to the event.