Project Description

As part of a government-to-government agreement between the United Kingdom and Peru a team of UK experts are working closely with the Lima 2019 organising committee. This team has experience of running over 100 major sporting events including the 2012 Olympics, and is helping the Lima 2019 organising committee to deliver the infrastructure and organisation of the games on-time and on-budget. Pearce International is proud to be part of this expert team.

Jayne made several trips to Peru and we also engaged Lorraine Ralston and Gary Kemper, both based in the USA, to provide their expertise in main press centres and photo management. In addition to the visits, the work involved frequent Skype calls and planning milestones between the PI team and the Lima-based Peruvian Manager of Media Operations.

We were very pleased to bring once again our proven expertise in a mentoring role, enhancing the human capital of a developing country. Additionally we designed a “Venue Media Manager School” and a “Venue Photo Supervisor School” to formally advance the skills and knowledge of the local media operations team. This was delivered in Peru by Andrew. This generated great interest and was attended by a staff member from the Tokyo 2020 media operations team.

We also brought in a small team of international media operations specialists to enhance and support the local team.