We were really very excited to be involved with the Netball World Cup; after all, it is Jayne’s personal sport and it took place in a city we know well thanks to the work with UEFA and Liverpool Football Club.  Because it was netball Jayne took a very hands-on role in this event – in fact it seemed like we couldn’t keep her away.  We assembled a small but crack team, with Ivan Pasquariello helping Jayne with the accreditation process from Zurich on his weekends off from FIFA and on the ground we had Lucy Ambrose and Hannah Houston.

It is hard to summarise such a tremendous sporting event in words, but if we only had one word to describe it, that word would be “joyous”.  Have a look at this YouTube clip to see what we mean:    https://youtu.be/9SY20ueXFVQ

And if that doesn’t convince you, look at the faces of the team.  Even while strimming!










We were very pleased also by the comments of the Event Director.  See them here for yourself.