There is a new force in British sports photography – the Football Photographers’ Association. Launched last week, the FPA  is an inclusive, non-profit representative body comprising the best professional football photographers in the UK.

It represents the interests of professional football photographers in all areas of the industry, from freelance photographers to those representing print media and international photo agencies, and is committed to encouraging the next generation of football photographers through guidance, mentoring partnerships and improving pathways into the industry.

The FPA is available as a resource for all sectors of the football industry, principally working alongside football clubs and governing bodies to help them accommodate the needs of the professional photographic media, who in turn deliver the considerable visual impact and reach associated with exceptional football photography. The FPA’s awareness and understanding of all aspects of football photography are gained from their representatives’ collective experience of photographing the sport in over one hundred countries, covering thousands of Premier League matches since its inception in 1992, and over 40 FIFA World Cups.

As FPA Co-Chairman Ben Radford says “Professional football photographers in the UK have a deserved and hard-earned international reputation for being some of the best in the world, so it is entirely appropriate that every week they are photographing the best league in the world. We are looking forward to working with the football community and enhancing the already excellent relationships we enjoy with clubs, leagues, and associations in this country.”

Here in Pearce International we have always been strong advocates for professional sports photographers; masters of their trade, they record iconic moments in time in sports history in a way that words and video cannot.

As Jayne puts it, “Pearce International (PI) has always held professional photographers in the highest regard and sought to represent their needs at major sports events throughout the world, including Athletics World Championships, FIFA World Cups, UEFA Champions League and Olympic Games. PI is now proud to be assisting the newly established Football Photographers’ Association (FPA); it has probably never been more important for the professional photographer to be represented in such a way. The FPA will strive to ensure the highest standards of professional football photography at The Beautiful Game in the UK, as well as offering support to club media teams and encouraging and mentoring the next generation of football photographers.”

We wish the FPA all the best, and look forward to continuing and developing our relationship with them in the future.  Check them out on:
Instagram: footballphotographersassoc
Twitter: @FPA_2020
LinkedIn: Football Photographers Association