Pearce International offers a comprehensive range of services to various organisations, companies, organising committees and national and international governing bodies.

Press Operations

Press Operations is Pearce International’s core business. We have planned and delivered turnkey press operations solutions at every level, from national championships through to the Olympic Games. This has included budget planning and management, staff and volunteer recruitment, training and management and delivery of successful press operations at the time of the event. PI has the rare perspective of events from every angle – local, national and international, central planning and venue based – as well as involvement in the vast majority of the world’s major sporting events from National Federation, International Federation and Local Organising Committee perspectives. PI is proud to have been at the helm of three events that were awarded the prestigious Association Internationale de la Presse Sportive (AIPS) Best Press Facilities Award.

EXAMPLES: Baku 2015 European Games | 2008-2012 London Olympic Games | 2008 FINA Short Course Championship | 2007 Rugby World Cup | 2007 European Athletics Indoor Championships | 2006 Olympic Winter Games, Turin | 2005 ISU European Short Track and Figure Skating Championships | 2003 IAAF World Athletics Championships, Paris | 2002 Olympic Winter Games, Salt Lake City
Mixed Zone and Media Conference Management

Mixed Zone and Media Conference Management

Pearce International has designed and managed mixed zones in all levels of event, both in sports where the concept is well known as well as sports where it is a relatively new concept. PI has introduced innovations in mixed zone design and has latterly challenged the very concept of post event media conferences. PI Directors and trained staff have moderated media conferences at the highest level and in multiple languages.

EXAMPLES: 2015 – England Rugby | Baku 2015 European Games | 2015 Euro Hockey | 2014 FIFA World Cup | 2016 UEFA Media Officer
Photographer Management

Photo Operations and Management

Pearce International knows what photographers need to capture the moment. We understand the lasting impact of a powerful still image and we know that photographers only get one chance to make a great photo. We have worked closely with the world’s leading sports photography agencies to understand their changing needs and ensure that they are met, helping them to create extraordinary photographs. PI has delivered transparency and disc transfers right through to digital needs for photographers over the last 30 years, providing photographers with quality working conditions at major events.

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EXAMPLES: 2014 Invictus | 2014 – World Equestrian Games | 2008-2012 London Olympic Games

Event News Service

Pearce International has planned and delivered event news services at every level of competition and believes in tailor making solutions that fit the event. PI is able to deliver content (athlete biographies and statistical data), drawing upon some of the world’s leading statisticians and historians as partners, as well as guidance on systems and client usability. The very concept of venue based news teams, using a combination of paid staff and mentored volunteers was introduced by Jayne Pearce at the Atlanta Olympic Games where she was Director of Press Information. She also co-ordinated the first ground breaking international census of world athletics when IAAF Press Director.

EXAMPLES: Baku 2015 European Games | 2008 FINA Short Course Championships | 2007 European Athletics Indoor Championships | 1994 – 1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta

Broadcast Liaison

Pearce International prides itself on building great relationships with the key client groups in the media, including television and radio broadcast organisations. We have well-established trust and mutual respect with the key players in some of the world’s most influential sports broadcasters.

EXAMPLES: 2015 – England Rugby | Baku 2015 European Games | 2016 UEFA Media Officer
Communications and Media Relations

Communications and Media Relations

Jayne Pearce and Andrew McMenamin are well recognised and respected by the world’s sports media. Pearce International is able to advise events on the key media to work with proactively and is able to advise on key strategies to promote an event. PI has developed and implemented bespoke communications strategies for both organisations and events.

EXAMPLES: 2005 London Olympic Bid | 2002 – 2007 Great North Run
Crisis Management

Crisis Management

Jayne Pearce has first hand experience of crisis management in the sports arena – having orchestrated the response to the surprise bankruptcy of British Athletics in 1998 and handled multiple high profile doping cases. She was the appointed spokesperson for UK Athletics and has spoken on television, radio and before media conferences on numerous occasions. She has given crisis management training and personally advised high profile athletes.

EXAMPLES: 2002 – 2007 Great North Run | 1997 – 1999 UKA Athletics | 1987 – 1993 IAAF
Media Training

Media Training

As Press Director of the International Amateur Athletics Federation (IAAF) 1987-1994 Jayne Pearce delivered seminars to media in Acapulco, Apia, Bangkok, Burkina Faso, Casablanca, Dar-es-Salaam, Jakarta, Nairobi and Tunis, training young journalists in the practices of international sports journalism.

Pearce International has since delivered training to companies, athletes and event executives, latterly speaking to National Federations of sport in Japan and sports journalists from throughout Africa. PI is able to offer one-to-one advice or deliver structured, group training on how to best present you and/or your organisation.

EXAMPLES: 2016 Sportbeat | 1997 – 1999 UKA Athletics | 1998 – 1999 UK Sports Council
Event Staff and Volunteer Training

Event Staff and Volunteer Training

Great service needs great staff and we only use the best in the business.  Our team of short-term specialists have huge experience in planning and delivering sports events at all levels and bring a wide range of abilities to the team. Our volunteer training has been innovative and interactive, with a combination of distance and face to face learning to ensure that anyone working under the Pearce International banner delivers great service to the media.

EXAMPLES: Baku 2015 European Games | 2008-2012 London Olympic Games | 2003 SPAR European Cross Country Championships
Major Event Bids

Major Event Bids

Jayne Pearce has been involved with bids for Olympic Games (London – 2012, Sochi – 2014, LA – 2024), Commonwealth Games (London – 2002, Halifax 2014) and FIFA World Cups (Morocco – 2010) as a recognised expert within the field of press operations. She has provided the technical input around the theme of press operations as well as leading media hosting programmes.

EXAMPLES: London 2012 Olympic bid | Morocco Bid for the FIFA World Cup 2010
National Team Press Management

National Team Press Management

Jayne Pearce served as Press Officer to the British Athletics team 1996-1999. This included preparing team media guides, news and quotes provision, team media training, on site and remote media liaison as well as victory and crisis management. Andrew McMenamin will lead the media provision at Team GB House in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

EXAMPLES: 1997 – 1999 UKA Athletics
Advice & Consultancy

Advice and Consultancy

Whether it is advising architectural companies on key design features for new sports facilities, consulting on and facilitating the recruitment and payment of specialist international staff, or strategic advice to the top management of major sporting events or organisations, Pearce International can bring its unrivalled breadth and depth of experience to the table.

EXAMPLES: 2014+ ARUP | 2013+ IOC Advisor / Press Commission Member | 2014 – 2015 ASOIF | 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games | 2006 – 2009 Major Events Steering Group